General litigation & Evictions

Our broad based knowledge in real estate, commercial and residential transactions, contracts and corporate litigation has equipped us with a unique set of skills to handle almost any civil litigation matter that you are facing.

In order to save you time and money we always suggest to our clients that they write down the chronological order of events and any questions they might have and bring it to the consultation or send it to us. It is also important to bring all documents that are relevant (letters of demand, contracts, e-mails or other correspondence) to the consultation because then we can only provide you with legal advice if we have all the information at hand.

With an application for eviction we would need the following information from you:
  • Copy of lease agreement or if it was a verbal lease agreement we need no 2 – 7
  • Address of property
  • Name & surname of Owner(s) or Company & registration number of company & tenant
  • Contact details of tenant
  • Any children/elderly or disabled occupants?
  • Type of property – house, house in security complex, unit in sectional title, flat, room in a house
  • Duration of lease – 3 months / year / two years
  • Did they pay a deposit? Amount and date for payment.
  • Amount of rental per month
  • Method of payment of rental eg directly into a specific bank account
  • Who had to pay the water / electricity / security / levies
  • When did they stop to pay rent?
  • Any correspondence between parties?