Debt Collection

Our goal is to provide you with the benefit of reduced bad debt by implementing sound advice regarding debtor procedure, collection and administration processes.

There are various methods to collect debt and you as creditor can make use of the common law, acts and your agreement with the debtor to collect the arrear debt. The initial step in debt collection would always be to consult with the debtor in order to negotiate a suitable arrangement as to when the overdue amount will be paid. Should an amicable arrangement not be reached, then you as creditor would have to explore more drastic measures in collecting outstanding monies from a debtor and that is where we can assist you.

We will require the following information to assist you in collecting arrear debt:
  • Name, surname , ID and physical home and employment address of debtor or if it is a legal entity, the name, registration number, registered address or principle place of business
  • Contact details of debtor
  • Contract, service agreement and any other correspondence between the parties
  • Amount of debt (without any interest)
  • Date debt was payable
  • Amount that was paid, if there was part payment.
  • Letter of demand (if applicable)