Drafting of Contracts

When drafting the contract, it is important that each party knows exactly what is expected of them. Thus, if there are any words that could be misconstrued they should be defined within the contract. Clarifying the terms and duties is our expertise.

We can assist you in drafting a lease agreement and would need the following information from you:

  •  Address of property
  •  Name & surname of Owner(s) or Company & registration number of company
  •  Type of property – house, house in security complex, unit in sectional title, flat, room in a house
  •  Duration of lease – 3 months / year / two years
  •  Should the contract be renewed or must they sign a new contract afresh every time.
  •  Must they pay deposit? Amount and date for payment.
  •  Amount of rental per month.
  •  Method of payment of rental eg directly into a specific bank account
  •  Who will pay the water / electricity / security / levies
  •  Domicilium address for owner (address for service of summons or other legal documents)
  •  Does the property have special services – pool services, garden services, electric fence, gas installation
  •  Breach – should they be contacted per registered post, e-mail , normal mail of breach of contract?
  •  Are you in the process of selling the property?